Langley Township Councillor

I was elected to Council with The Township of Langley in October 2018, finishing 2nd with 46% electorate support overall, and 53% in Fort Langley. I am deeply honoured to have been elected, and given a chance to serve all of Langley as a Councillor.

Business Experience

I was fortunate to have been a part of the emerging internet industry at a young age, with multiple successful companies. While working on a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at the University of British Columbia, I pursued a network management and software development career, being largely self-taught, but also mentored by great people.

In 1994, in the very early days of the internet, I left UBC during my 4th year to co-found my first technology company, Internet Direct. It became the largest internet service provider in Western Canada within 6 months.

I then co-founded Mail.com in 1996, which completed a successful IPO on the NASDAQ in 1998. I sold my last internet company, DomainWorks, in 2007 because I wanted to refocus my efforts more toward the community, to make a real difference here in Langley, starting with the revitalization of Fort Langley.

Revitalization of Fort Langley

Starting in 2005, I committed myself to revitalizing Fort Langley's commercial core. It bothered me how neglected it was, despite its rich history and immense, obvious potential to evolve into a great walkable destination within the entire region.

From 2005 to 2015, I renovated the façades of multiple aging and previously neglected buildings, and greatly improved the village's retail/tenant mix. In 2016 I completed the LEED Gold Coulter Berry Building at the corner of Glover Road and Mavis Avenue, redefining the village.

Over that time, I assembled approximately 38% of the commercial core of Fort Langley, and most of the commercial frontage between 96th Avenue and Mavis Avenue, theheart of the village.

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For 5 years, I also served as President of the Fort Langley Business Improvement Association, up to the end of 2017. With the support of an amazing group of committed Fort Langley property and business owners, we rebranded Fort Langley, promoted Fort Langley with a more financially-efficient BIA, expanded events, and secured a key capital project to bury unsightly power lines and add new street lighting, upgrading Fort Langley's streetscape to more modern standards.

I believe in pursuing the absolute best in sustainable building practices to conserve energy, regardless of the extra costs associated with leading-edge technologies such as geothermal, solar panels, and environmentally sustainable construction. This is why the LEED Gold certified Coulter Berry is the most energy efficient and sustainable mixed-use building within all of Langley. And, just as important, Coulter Berry’s extensive masonry, individualized façades, and a superb walkable design were conceived specifically for Fort Langley’s village.

Starting 15 years ago, with Fort Langley largely neglected and struggling, someone had to step up and go first, and at least try. Fort Langley is now more vibrant than it has ever been. Fort Langley is well on its way to being an amazing, walkable destination like no other in Langley. Langley needs to create more real neighbourhoods and special places people will care about for generations, such as we have done in Fort Langley.

Early Life

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Growing up in Langley City, Langley is my home. I attended HD Stafford when it was still an 8-10 high school, and graduated from Langley Senior Secondary in 1990. The success, future, and direction of Langley as a whole matters to me.

My family was not wealthy, and we often struggled to make ends meet. I was raised by my single mother and caring grandparents, which I was very fortunate to have known as well I as did.

Adversity instilled in me an independent, committed work ethic that has served me well. I value each day, and want to make a difference that matters. We can do things that better. I want to make Langley better, fix problems, and move us forward with vision, commitment, and dedication to quality outcomes.


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia.


Please feel free to contact me at eric@ericwoodward.com or ewoodward@tol.ca anytime, for any reason. All feedback is welcome.

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2018 - 2022
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Fort Langley Business Improvement Association
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Township of Langley Economic Development Advisory Committee
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Township of Langley Heritage Advisory Committee
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