Eric Woodward

on the issues

it's time for a new generation with new energy
and new ideas for Langley

Infrastructure Crisis
in Willoughby

The lack of major roads and proper sidewalks in Willoughby just can’t go on any longer. People can’t get around. Kids can’t even walk or bike to school safely. We have to fix it.

We need to shift the burden to all developers, not just the unlucky few, build the major roads now, with not a penny paid by the taxpayer. We need leadership, and a real plan to fix this never-sending situation. Coming soon!

A Real Plan
for Aldergrove

After years of inaction and excuses, we are not seeing renewal in downtown Aldergrove, yet we've had a progressive, walkable Aldergrove Core Plan in place since 2010.

We must fix the economics of development for private investment into downtown Aldergrove, such as obsolete parking requirements, a need for shared parking facilities, temporary incentives, and the private and public sector working together for a thriving Aldergrove.

Getting It Right
in Brookswood/Fernridge

We are repeating the same mistakes of Willoughby regarding missing road infrastructure, not building truly mixed-use walkable neighbourhoods, and removal of existing significant trees to start over within most developments.

We need to change the model we are using for major roads, get one neighbourhood plan done right and then complete the rest, and adopt a common sense tree protection bylaws and incentives to preserve the unique character of Brookswood.

Preserving Our Farmland
and Rural Character

We must preserve our farmland within the Agricultural Land Reserve (the "ALR") for future generations. I don't support the removal of rural land from the ALR. But we must go further and not allow urban-style subdivisions within the ALR, the epitome of urban sprawl.

We have a lot to be thankful for in rural Langley. We must preserve our rural character, which means not allowing urban-style subdivisions on farmland, to preserve our community's character, and uniqueness.

Better Planning for
Mixed-use Neighbourhoods

We are not building truly mixed-use, walkable neighbourhoods, in Willoughby especially, by allowing many developers to ignore basic urban planning principles which will have permanent ramifications for all of us, for decades.

We must build mixed-use neighbourhoods, provide leadership, and not allow strip malls next to farmland, for example. We must require better planning based on progressive, obvious planning principles for our future generations. Decisions we make today will determine Langley's character for decades.