Redevelopment of 1976 site another sign that aging malls are an endangered species across Metro Vancouver

April 17, 2019

Council received its latest update on the mostly derelict property at the centre of Aldergrove on Monday, as staff looks to fast-track the redevelopment application from the group that owns the land.

"It's holding Aldergrove back, and there's some recognition of that," said Coun. Eric Woodward.

The Township will look at a proposal to fund the project through local development.

April 17, 2019

"We need to reform the system that has created 208th Street," Woodward said. "Development has created the problem, and development needs to solve it," he added.

Woodward spearheaded the policy, which sends more Township amenity contribution funds to Aldergrove

April 16, 2019

"Almost no community amenity contributions from development were going to make it to downtown Aldergrove before," Woodward said, "with this reform – we have fixed that."

In a Langley Township evening meeting Monday, an unanimous council vote was put through, one in favour of providing downtown Aldergrove with more resources to revitalize neglected areas.

The Township councillor wants a new developer-paid fund to fill in gaps in the roads

April 8, 2019

A plan to finish widening 208th Street and other roads in need of expansion in Willoughby will be pitched by Councillor Eric Woodward at next week's Township council meeting.

Woodward’s plan to deal with the issue is to create a new Willoughby Arterial Road Completion Amenity Policy.

The open house visualized the transformation of the central site in three distinct phases.

March 13, 2019

The Janda Group has worked with Township affiliates, including councillor Eric Woodward, to propose the purchase of the commercial parkade.

'This parking structure would allow other businesses to not have to worry about parking spaces and instead build really cool urban developments,' Woodward elaborated."

The proposed tax increase is now under four per cent for the Township.

March 5, 2019

Langley Township’s property tax increase was reduced on Monday afternoon as council voted for amendments that cut the rate from 4.95% to 3.92%.

The council spent part of the month cutting spending, and chopped a further one per cent off Monday, largely through an amendment put forward by Councillor Eric Woodward.

Community to find out new Aldergrove Town Centre plan for dormant 10-acre lot in heart of downtown.

February 22, 2019

"A typical application would take anywhere from a year to two years to reach council for final approval," Woodward elaborated. "My hope is to address the typical processing time and get the town centre’s application processed much quicker."

Council can and should learn from past mistakes when planning development of Brookswood/Fernridge.

December 6, 2018

The sole intent of Coun. Woodward’s motion was to have the three neighbourhood plans worked on concurrently, but to stagger the public consultation and review of the individual plans by council.

We should take our time and plan properly, not allowing the schedule to be determined by developers and land speculators.

Council voted against staggering neighbourhood planning in Brookswood-Fernridge.

November 20, 2018

An attempt to phase in the neighbourhood planning under the new Brookswood Official Community Plan was defeated at Langley Township council Monday.

Newly-elected Councillor Eric Woodward called for the council to stagger the completion of three of the four plans for the Brookswood-Fernridge area.

"I think we do need to take some time with it," Woodward said.

The motion is up for debate at the Nov. 19 council meeting.

November 19, 2018

Langley Township council will waste no time debating Brookswood development at the first full council meeting since October’s elections.

Newly-elected Councillor Eric Woodward has put forward a motion calling for a change to neighbourhood planning in Brookswood and Fernridge.

Some notable changes at both council tables

October 24, 2018

There were also surprises in Langley Township. Many issues came up during the campaign, but no major ones seemed to stick in voters’ minds as voting day approaches.

However, two incumbent councillors lost their seats. One-term councillor Angie Quaale came close, finishing ninth, 103 votes behind newcomer Margaret Kunst.

Of the newcomers, Eric Woodward had the most impressive finish – coming second in the polls, just 429 votes behind perennial poll-topper David Davis. He waged a very vigorous campaign and his profile was high even before the election.